Partner with Global Guardian Designs (“GGD”) to increase your revenue. GGD jewelry can make a great addition to your organization’s store or fundraising events. Or, you can join the GGD Participation Program that creates a revenue stream at NO COST to your organization.

Wholesale Direct - As an organization you can select to purchase GGD products at wholesale prices for resale through your organization’s events, stores and/or website. We accept wholesale orders with a minimum.

Participation / Co - Marketing Program - The GGD Participation Program provides a means to raise money at zero cost to your organization. Your organization merely creates an online GGD account and cross markets with GGD on your website (online store) on all social media platforms (mentioning & tagging GGD in all posts) as well as in various e - newsletter blasts that can promote GGD products.

Custom Designs - GGD can create a beautiful, unique custom designed piece of jewelry for your organization that will provide both awareness of your organization as well as an ongoing sustainable stream of income.

To get started with GGD in one of our programs please send us the following information:

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